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Our Services

Video Depositions


  • The Videographer will be on site one hour in advance of scheduled start time to set up and test his equipment

  • Individual Lavaliere microphones for the deponent and attorneys to ensure the highest quality sound reproduction

  • Additional lighting in situations where normal room lighting is insufficient

  • Backdrops provided in situations here the normal background is distracting

  • Complimentary Audio for the Court Reporter

  • Signed affidavit by the videographer, certifying all recordings are true and accurate

Courtroom Playback


Courtroom playback is used to show witness testimony from video depositions, surveillance and day-in-the-life video.  Video technology is an excellent communication tool - when it works properly. There is no more critical time to have experienced technical support for video playback than in the courtroom. BCR Video experts assist attorneys with courtroom playback during trial to make sure that the video eveidence plays back smoothly. 


Our experienced video experts will provide and set up all playback technology including DVD player, laptop and monitors.  We test presentation equipment in advance and trouble-shoot any potential video and audio problems so the attorneys can focus their attention on the trial proceedings.

Indpendent/Compulsory Medical Exams (IME/CME)


These exams are also called Compensatory Medical Exams (CMEs) or Defense Medical Exams (DMEs).  When you need an accurate record of a medical examination to ensure it is fair and follows all court ordered procedures, there is no better way than a video recording.

The recording may provide the plaintiff attorney with evidence to discredit the findings of the expert providing the examination. Conversely, the defense attorney may wish to document the IME to provide credence to the expert’s examination. The defense team often feels by providing a video record it leaves little room for one to question the methods and accuracy of the examination.  Of course, both sides want to be assured his or her client was treated fairly during the process.

Video Wills


A video will is a live, videotaped account of the will.  During the taping of the will, the person who issued the will, known as the “testator,” reads the will in full.  Thereafter, the testator may explain why he or she disposed of the property in the manner stated.  The use of the video will can serve several functions:

  • Provide strong proof that the testator was competent to make the will.

  • Evidence that the formalities of the will execution were fulfilled

  • May minimize the likelihood of a will contest. 

  • Video wills should not be made in place of a written will, but rather, the video will should supplement the written will.

Synchronze Transcript to Video


Annotations - Add annotations to identify issues, assign tasks to team members, flag items for follow up, share notes with others or simply mark a line to find it quickly later.


Exhibit linking - Hyperlink exhibits to transcript text to recall with a click.  The exhibit files can be conveniently located on the disc or on a shared network resource.


Highlights - Highlight to mark transcript passages that require further attention.  Color code to identify issues, priorities, team member assignments, or the highlighters identity.


Instant clip creation - Create video clips by simply highlighting transcript text.

Video Editing


Video/Audio enhancement - If you have poor quality video or audio, we can improve it.  Using the most advanced editing software, we can clean up dark, hard-to-see video, restoring it to clean presentable images.  We can also separate the important sound information from any distracting noise.


DVD Authoring - Do you have one or several video files that you want to present? We can edit your video, create custom menus and produce a DVD that you can play on your computer and home DVD player.


We can convert your old videotapes to digital files and put them on CD’s or DVD’s.  We can also make several copies of your digital files, CD’s or DVD’s.




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