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About Mike Duffy

     Mike started his own company BCR Video to provide the legal community and other litigation support companies professional quality legal video services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Mike is an NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) and specializes in legal video. The videographers he employs are certified and experienced, they know the rules of civil procedure as they pertain to video evidence. His clients invest the time in preparation for their deposition and he knows you only get one chance to get it right.  BCR Video also offers litigation support for the courtroom. They provide all of the technology for playback, as well as certified technicians to set up and run the equipment, so the attorneys can focus on the jury, the judge, and opposing counsel.


     Mike Duffy is a technophile.  It started in high school when his geometry teacher invited him and a friend to spend their lunch hour exploring the new Radio Shack TRS-80 computer the school had purchased.  From that experience he was sure he wanted to be a computer programmer when he “grew up”. However, reality struck in his sophomore year at the US Naval Academy, when he realized how tedious programming was, so he switched his major to Mathematics, and began using computers to solve problems. 


     Upon graduation, Mike was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga (CG-47) one of the Navy’s most technologically advanced warships.  Mike quickly learned how to use the myriad of computers on the ship from maintenance tracking to enemy tracking, Mike mastered them all.  His success at his first command allowed him to choose his next assignment, and looking for a challenge, he volunteered to teach other young officers about the engines and electrical systems on his ship.  It was during this tour that Mike decided to leave active service to raise his family, so he went back to school and earned an MBA in Finance.


     Upon completion of his active service, Mike returned to the Chicago area and found a job as a risk manager at a commodity trading firm.  Mike found himself using computers to solve problems again and thrived in his job.  After 18 years (15 as head of Risk Management Department), Mike was ready for a change and saw an opportunity to use his skills in the legal services industry.

Mike lives in Wheaton with his wife Debbie and between them they have 5 children.  Mike also enjoys traveling, cooking, and is a very good poker player. 





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