BCR Video specializes in Legal Videography Services.  We work with the legal community in Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area.  BCR Video is a full service legal video company.  We record the video, edit as needed, produce a DVD and play it back in the courtroom for you.  We provide our services at reasonable rates with no surprise fees for travel, parking, or tapes.  Our certified legal videographers, ensure your video depositions are compliant with the applicable Rules of Civil Procedure.  

Using Deposition Video in Trial

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There are several ways in which deposition video designations may be used in trial. The first and perhaps most frequently used technique would be using it for impeachment purposes. When compared with reading back some testimony of a solid impeachment, playing that same section as a “clip” can easily pack twice the punch. After explaining the deposition process and that the witness was under oath during the deposition as well as now in court, watching the same person tell two different tales can immediately cause jurors to seriously consider the credibility of the witness. 


In order to make all of this happen, the video is synced to the transcript text, allowing one to quickly prepare and play depo video, simply by selecting (and quickly editing) the transcript text. Preparing video depo clips is as simple as entering the pages and lines of the desired designation. While it could easily take a matter of several minutes to do this with a video editing program, it takes only a matter of seconds, using something like TrialDirector.





If, for some reason, a witness is unavailable to testify “live” during trial, their deposition may be used.  Video recording an expert witness and playing it back in court can also be a cost effective way of presenting their testimony.  Typically, the party calling the witness marks their designations. Next, opposing counsel marks their counter-designations, followed by both parties marking their objections to be submitted to the Court for ruling.  The designations and rulings are then sent to the videographer so he can edit the video and produce a DVD. The resulting designations are generally played back in the order they occurred during the actual depo, regardless of which party has designated what. 





In Lieu of Live Testimony
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